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Problems since Filesonic changed format

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Jenny S User

Hi dkitty,

Filesonic made some changes to their site not long ago, they added a collaboration feature now.

Ever since then, new Filesonic links show up as not checked and if there are links from other hosts on the same page, they are not checked either. It seems that the link checker locks up in this case and it will not work again until it is disabled and enabled again.

I would appreciate some help with this problem.

Thanks in advance. :)

tsl User

yup, stopped working
dkitty where are you? ;)
btw, happy new year 2012! all the best!

Desvyr User

Quick fix: remove filesonic.com from sites to check and use http://filesonic.com/link-checker.php

shmoula Scriptwright

I've made a fix for the filesonic problem. The fixed version is here: