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Can we have access to to downgrade?

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Texan_POd User

Can we have access to previous versions of BETA releases, at least one or two back?

Overlord73978 User

Install the chrome version from their market, it installs the script.js can be copied over the in your firefox directory, restart firefox and there you go.

p1nky User

That's not what he meant. He meant access to beta or

Texan_POd User

No problem.
I have the CSS options to get to work the way I wanted it to now. Overlord73978 took the time to sort the script modifications which made it easy to convert it to a simple CSS addition. Then just added my same old CSS options from many different previous versions as most of them still work as well.

I was just being lazy and not taking the time to fire up FireBug to track it myself this time.