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Script updated (30/12/2011)

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Mindeye Script's Author

- Fixed: Remove related videos section
- The script works ok now with #at URLs (requires Greasemonkey 0.9.13+ because it fixes issue 1445)
- Added /u token (user name of the video owner) to the possible tokens for the pattern of file names for downloaded videos
- @updateURL header now uses a https secure URL for the built-in Greasemonkey update system
- Added support for the new channel pages

Sim-X User

Thanks as always Mindeye. I thought the script held up pretty well considering how much yt layout has changed. Always like getting updates.

Mindeye Script's Author

Thanks for your support. The layout hasn't changed much internally (except the new channel pages), it's only a paint job. ;-)

Morten79 User

Thank you very much Mindeye for your persistent support of this genius GM script. After all the new suff presented by YouTube/google I was a little worry about what impact this could have on this script. But luckily the internally behavior of YouTube is pretty much unchanged.