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Ricardo P User

I have installed the latest (0.6.0) update, along with TamperMonkey in Chrome to try and take advantage of the awesomeness (specifically I want "Voice" to be an option across the top and not "Sites" or "Groups" - which I never use...).

But I don't see any of the right click or drop down options - is the script compatible with apps accounts or only "normal" google accounts?

It appears that the script is running (TamperMonkey shows it with a green icon) and I don't _think_ I see any errors, and the URL for my mail log-in _looks_ like it should work:

Any ideas?

Boondoklife Script's Author

The script will only work with pages that Google has allowed the bar to be on. Pages such as the apps ones or even Google scholar have yet to be equipped with the new bar. Unfortunately my script is a mod for the bar not a replacement, the page has to be equipped with the bar to begin with.

I am hoping Google rolls out the bar to all of their sites too!

Ricardo P User

Well allrighty then!

Since I'm logged in to my apps account full time I guess I haven't seen the "new" bar, I thought it was analogous to that from apps.

I'll check some point in the future then if/when I get the new bar.