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Some suggestions

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poan User

Just some little suggestions,thank you for making this great script!:)

1.I wonder if it could have English F.A.Q/support instrutions?
Because I'm a Chinese user,actully I don't know Japanese so much.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

2.Could you make a new feature like that we can save/restore the
"Auto Load" white list?Becaue sometimes we may use different PCs,somehow we might log in Google Reader to the feeds.We might think it can sync white list between/among many PCs.I would appreciate if this feature could be made.

fxwiki Script's Author

Thank you for using this script.

I support only Japanese. I'm sorry.
I write the English sentence through a translation web site.
I'm sorry that I can't express myself well in English.

There is not the plan to add the function that can synchronize in configured data between plural PCs to.
Because you can import/export your configured data in "Full Feed Mod Settings - Etc - Settings Data", you please exchange the configured data between plural PCs.

poan User

Thank your reply.
I learn this great tip. :)