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By Brendan Hagan Last update Mar 31, 2012 — Installed 42,497 times.

Little bug?

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wareZ User

This is a good script and works great, but there is a little bug maybe? Everytime I log in to Facebook and visit someone's profile page who has timeline activated, the page has to be refreshed (F5) first, in order to make this script to work. Luckily you need to do this only once on someone's profile page after logging in but I would appreciate if this script's author fixed this :)

Sonar User

there is a script on here somewhere that makes it so you dont have to refresh.

if i member right its only 3-5 lines of code

its sorts the URL out :)

wareZ User

what script?

Brendan Hagan Script's Author

Sorry for the delayed response, haven't checked here in months (and I'm rather surprised to see a few thousand installs on something so raw).
Facebook seems to reprocess the page post-load from time to time, so I had written in a check to ensure the changes were loaded. As it is now it seems to work for a single session once you get it to catch... but when you come back a few hours later you need to refresh again.

I'll try and search around for that 3-5 line code though and see if that works better.