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[New Feature Request] Farm-List GoldClub

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-m3tac0rt3x- User

Hello there Serj_LV,

Very fine script you got going on here and with the constant updates damn, it's the greatest one ;)

One suggestion I'm here writing is the possibility to select the farms that aren't being attacked in the FarmLists.

I adapted your script on this part so I can do that, but it works with faults...

So... I have to first press the combo to "Select All" then press the button you added to deselect the farms that are being attacked.
I changed it and your button no longer selects the Green Farms, it does what I written above.

Can you adapt your button to select the Green Farms and select only the ones that are not being attacked already? I can't seem to edit the script to do that, and it would be very very great it could do that :) :) :)


function goldClubInfo () {
	function checkGreen () {
		var ac = $xf('.//tr[.//img[@class="attack att2"]]','l',this.parentNode.parentNode.parentNode);
		for( var t=0; t < ac.snapshotLength; t++ )
			var ad = $gt('INPUT',ac.snapshotItem(t))[0].checked=!this.checked;
	function scanGoldRep () {
		var fList = $xf('.//div[@class="markAll"]','l',cont);
		for( var i=0; i < fList.snapshotLength; i++ ) {
			if( $gt('INPUT',fList.snapshotItem(i)).length > 1 ) continue;
			var ac = $xf('.//tr[.//img[@class="attack att2"]]','l',fList.snapshotItem(i).parentNode);
			var fListID = 0;
			var fListCont = '';
			for( var t=0; t < ac.snapshotLength; t++ ) {
				var ad = $gt('INPUT',ac.snapshotItem(t))[0].getAttribute('onClick').match(/\d+/g);
				fListID = ad[0];
				fListCont += ad[1]+',';
			fListCont = fListCont.replace(/,$/,'');
			var nc = $e('INPUT',[['type','checkbox'],['onClick',
				'var '+allIDs[0]+'=['+fListCont+']; for(var '+allIDs[1]+'=0; '+allIDs[1]+'<'+allIDs[0]+'.length; '+
				allIDs[1]+'++) Travian.Game.RaidList.markSlotForRaid('+fListID+', '+allIDs[0]+'['+allIDs[1]+'], this.checked);']]);
			fList.snapshotItem(i).appendChild($em('SPAN',[nc,' ',trImg('attack att2',RB.dictRp[0])],[['style','padding:5px 0px;']]));

			var allBer = $xf('.//a[contains(@href,"berichte.php?id=")]','l',fList.snapshotItem(i).parentNode);
			for( var t=0; t < allBer.snapshotLength; t++ ) {
				var tImg = $gt('IMG',allBer.snapshotItem(t).parentNode);
				if( tImg.length > 1 )
					tImg[0].addEventListener('click', function(x) { return function() { selectMessage(x); }}([allBer.snapshotItem(t).getAttribute('href'),offsetPosition(tImg[0])]), true);
	function selectMessage ( a ) {
		viewMessageIWDisplay( a[0], 1, a[1] );

	setInterval(scanGoldRep, 1000);

Serj_LV Script's Author

I tried to do. Got a little weird. But it is logical :)

For example, to select all of the village without a loss and are not being attacked already, need to click the first icon, and then twice in the second ....

-m3tac0rt3x- User

Thank you!! thank you!! thank you!! :) :) :)

Kind of what I was doing (click one then the other) but much more complete ;) ;)

Great job!! :) :) :)

Thanx once again ;)

Stevan User

Can you add a link for opening reports in new window in the farm-list of Gold Club

by the way, the best travian script ever!!!

Serj_LV Script's Author

This function was added, and works from 2011-08-13. In the table a little space, for this reason, no additional icons. The report opens after clicking on the icon with the result of farm.