How to get Facebook Credits?

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Tricia Mollins User

I am a huge fan gamer of Facebook Games such as restaurant city, pet society and coco girl. I heard that there are other people got the opportunity to buy the items by getting free credits.. Hope there's anybody could help me? Thanks!

Brett Jacobsen User

Hmm - are you allowed to transfer credits? Do you know where inside of Facebook that would be done?

I'm interested in learn more, too.

azmuth User

Maybe you should check out the Help page of Facebook to learn about those or contact the support of the game you are playing.
It also pays to have lots of friend in facebook who also plays the same app so that they could share with you the credits. Other people have been creating different profile accounts in FB just so they could earn by transfering the credits to their main fb account.

Raydom User

You can actually get FB credits for free? Cool~!

BobAGregory User

maybe you're looking for this post?

just found it by surfing, hope it help.

angle927 User

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