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can't change settings

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digideth Scriptwright

I can't change the settings for your script with the new Google menu. :(

Can you please fix this?

If you don't have the new Google menu bar yet follow the instructions on this site to add the cookie you need to get the new menu bar.

SkyArrow Script's Author

Try Ver. 1.3.1

For more information, visit GitHub.

digideth Scriptwright

that where I went last night looking for a fix but couldn't find it.... i was looking under the master branch instead of develop branch.

thanks for the link to ver 1.3.1

where the options are with the new version pushes some default google+ stuff out of alignment. I will post some screen shots shortly so you can see what I see.

digideth Scriptwright

I am using version 1.3.1 on firefox 8 win xp sp3.

The new settings buttons causes the google+ username to be pushed over the search button.

here is a screenshot of the problem.