OGame Redesign: Defense Points

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not work

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Etintos Scriptwright

hi friend, your script gives me this error

Error: $ is not defined
Archivo de origen: resource://greasemonkey/runScript.js
LĂ­nea: 369

i use firefox v8.0.1 with greasemonkey v0.9.13

you can fix it?? thanks i play in mexico


Scott Wares Script's Author

I think I see what the problem is. I am running firefox 6 which is likely more forgiving about javascript errors. I will upload a hopefully fixed version now.

Etintos Scriptwright

I think I could fix the problem as follows

delete this line: var $2; //for ajax success events.

and modify this:

function initialize()
try {$ = unsafeWindow.$;}
catch(e) {$ = window.$;}


Scott Wares Script's Author

Gave that a try... it did not work for me in ff6 or ff8.

Scott Wares Script's Author

Tried again and it worked. Added notes and commented code for FF8... coment 3 lines and uncomment 2 lines.