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broken again

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joe brown User

Gmail Consider Nothing seems to break about once a month, is google renaming a div or something?

If I wanted to maintain this script for myself, how do I get to the js script that's responsible? I'm guessing I need to find the script, look at it, and make the appropriate change to this line:

var css = "@namespace url(; /* Disable recipient recommendations */ .r4axtf, .cTSLAb, .GcwpPb-WhOend, #link_invite { display:none !important; visibility:hidden !important; }";

Is that right? Thanks! Script's Author

Yeah, it looks like in addition to changing over to the higher contrast "new look," Google's changing the CSS naming structure. The whole script as provided in the source code is needed, basically the code is defined and then inserted.

I'm not sure how to share ownership of a script on this website, but if that's possible am happy to provide access (pending a friendly conversation to confirm you're not some kind of l33t h4x0r or whatever) and walk you through the update process. Script's Author

Oh, also it should be fixed now. Please post if you find other issues. The trickiest part is identifying classes at the right level, so they hide *only* the unwanted materials but not other potentially relevant content.