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Albert Park Script's Author

Google is a growing company and will continue to make changes to their site. So, please let me know if there are any features that stop working. This script will be updated as I come up with new ideas. Come by to see if there are new cool updates. :)

Geoffrey Pla... User

I'm using the Planets theme in Chrome, with Gmail as a desktop app. I just installed the latest version of your script and encountered some problems. It doesn't remember my settings for the top black bar and search bar (h and H). I like to have them visible but every time I refresh the page they disappear. There's a problem with the left navigation sidebar as well. It's a little hard to describe. There are issues with empty spaces and overlapping at the bottom, depending on the visibility settings of the black bar, search bar, and chat/gadget widgets. Also, when open the chat widget is scrunched up into a very small space.

Albert Park Script's Author

Currently, the script does not know the user's settings. So, by default every time a browser refreshes it will be hiding the top bars. I guess I'll have to use a cache to do this. I'll try to patch that up in the next version. The white space issue is something that will be challenging for me. The Chat and SMS panel loads the height dynamically and I don't have a good solution to calculate the perfect height, yet. But I will be working on that to make it perfect, hopefully :) For the chat widget, I'm not sure what kind of problem you are facing. A screenshot would be very helpful to know what is exactly going on. Thank you for your input.

Dee Es User

slight issue in v2.3's newly introduced user icon/menu: Account settings are there, but GMail settings aren't.
Should be easy enough to fix.
Great work, though. Really great.

Albert Park Script's Author

Thanks you. I did not include the gmail settings because it is already inside the settings button. Actually, the settings button have "Settings" and "Themes" sub links that points to the same page but different tabs. I think it is redundant to have the same link twice. I might consider this option if there is a high demand for it, otherwise I don't think it is necessary.

u1u2s3s4 User

I am using the Compact Display Density with the Turf theme. The issue I notice is there are no orange announcement bars after I perform an action.
For example after I archive an email I do not see the:
"The conversation has been archived. Learn more Undo"
Or when I trash an email:
"The conversation has been moved to the Trash. Learn more Undo"
Or most importantly to me, when I send an email:
"Your message has been sent. Undo"
Thanks! Awesome script, great for smaller screens or just those who want more information on the screen at once.

Albert Park Script's Author

There are couple reasons the yellow/orange notification does not show up.

1. By default the script hides the yellow/orange notification. In the "User Control Button" there is an option to show the notification.
2. This is just the way google designed their code but if you hide the bar that contains the search box, the yellow/orange notification does not show up. Currently, there is no work around to hide the search bar and show the notification at the same time.

Meta-Preisve... Scriptwright

It would be great to have font sizes of different areas of the layout adjustable. Would be enough to define variables in the source code that can be changed by the user if required.

Va; Huber User

Just found your extension - am very excited about the ability to hide the left panel. Great work.

But, I am not able to hide the left panel, nor does it appear to be responsive to the shortcuts such as h (tho other shortcuts such as c work).I am using 3.1.7 on Mac with Chrome 28.0.1464.0 dev.

I was using these directions;

Albert Park Script's Author

If you installed the Userscript version of Gmail Compact it may not work properly. For Chrome browsers I highly recommend using the extension from the Chrome Web Store.
After installation I would refresh the Gmail page once. Hope that helps.