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Title and author in feed?

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josephboyle User

Thanks for writing this! I'm consuming the stream with to autopost each item to our Wordpress but author and title are displaying only as "My shared feed" instead of actual author and title as with the old Google Reader share. I'm guessing this isn't as apparent when you just read the feed manually with a feed reader. Any chance we can add author and title info to feeds?

lipsumar Script's Author

Thanks for reporting this. The feed is pretty basic right now and has not already all the tags a decent RSS feed should have.
We're working on it and the feed title is something that will change soon. Keep using the plugin, u'll be notified ;)
and meanwhile, follow the dev at

josephboyle User

Another issue - in the Enter Password box, the Enter key doesn't submit, you need to click the button.

Let me know if I can help :)