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Enkidu of Ab... User

This script generally does what it's supposed to and it's one of the best scripts for fixing IMDB's deficiencies I've found.
However I feel it still needs to do a couple of more things to be perfect, so I'm going to write them down here, so both the author and anyone else can see.

1. This script applies only to "http://**" (movie pages) by default, but I've also tested it on "http://**" (actor pages) and it works perfectly, also removing the right sidebar like on the movie pages. So I think both the movie pages and the actor pages should be tweaked by default.
2. Of the stuff in the right sidebar which gets removed by this script most is extremely irritating useless junk IMHO (like various stupid lists, Facebook links, sponsored links, Amazon movie buying links, banner adds, demo reels...), but there are two somewhat usefull things I would actually like to have present - the "Quick Links" selector, and the "Projects in Development" list (only present on actor pages, not on movie pages). They should IMHO be included in the visible left (main) column. The quick links could perhaps be inserted under the title or somewhere else near the beginning, and the list of future projects of an actor should follow after the list of existing movies (Filmography).
3. This script leaves some adds on the page intact which I would very much like removed :
a) the banner add on the very top of the page
b) the banner add on the very bottom of the page
c) the series of "Amazon Affiliates" links right above b)
d) the "Sponsored Links" frame right below the "Explore More About ..." frame
4. Most importantly, this script doesn't fix one major deficiency of the new IMDB design and I think it could be easily fixed. I don't know if that's the case for everyone, but when using the new design I only get person / movie icons instead of photo / poster thumbnails in the Cast / Recommendations list, and if I go back to the old design (by modifying my user preferences) I see the pics normally.
Here's a screenshot mosaic to show you what I mean (the old style is left and the new style is right) :
So I would like to see the images of the actors / movie posters in the new style of IMDB (I don't want to go back to the old style permamanently as the new brings more good than bad, and the choice is probably only temporarily available anyway) and I think that could be easily achieved by editing some links.
Here's the link for the first recommendation in the old style :
and here's the link for the same image in the new style :
I don't know how adding the user rating to recommendations in the new style (like it's done in the old style) could be accomplished, but if it's possible it would also be usefull.

I hope at least some of this will get implemented, by this author or another, and that this IMDB fixing script will keep getting updated / improved, because IMDB has really gone to hell lately and is getting worse with each redesign it seems, just like YouTube and Google.

The script description mentiones moving the "Photos" and "Related Videos" sections, but that doesn't happen for me at all, they stay at the same place (although the right sidebar is properly removed), maybe that's just for an older version ?
Anyway I like them where they are and don't need them to be relocated, and besides I think it's more important which features are present or hidden than where they're located.

Arundor Script's Author

I'm glad you like the script. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll see if I can work them in to the next version.

Also, the moved Photos and Related Videos section seem to work on my computer, but I'll take a closer look at it to see if there are some circumstances that might cause it to fail.

Enkidu of Ab... User

Glad to hear you plan to continue development of this script, and I have one more idea. You might want to consider making the changes to the IMDB pages customizeable to users, not by manually editing the script code I mean, but with some kind of menu, like in Google++. I know that might be a lot of work, but maybe that will come at some later stage... I'm sure many people would like to choose for example what's removed from the right sidebar or where to place the photos and videos...
In any case I'm sure your script will be very popular as IMDB is a VERY popular site and many of it's users don't like the direction it's going in terms of design, so as long as you cater to people's needs you could perhaps collect a tidy little sum in PayPal donations or something, unless you're a commited altruist... :)

Arundor Script's Author

I uploaded a new version incorporating your suggestions, however I found that I don't have the broken image problem that you showed in your screenshots. At the moment I can't do anything about that particular issue since I can't examine the source of the problem.

Enkidu of Ab... User

Do you mean to say that you see pictures normally on the cast list and the movie recommendations list with the current IMDB design selected (because I definitely do not) ?
If that is so then my problem is most probably caused by my browser (Firefox) version being too old... I've been meaning to update it for a long time but didn't really want to bother.
As for your changes, kudos to you for listening to user recommendations and for updateing your script at all. Also, it's very nice your script is tidy and well commented so a user can easily delete unwanted parts to customize it for themselves (for example to not move the photos and related videos around).
I should mention I still don't see the Quick Links and Projects in Development although I see in the code they're supposed to be moved / copied from the hidden sidebar, but that's likely also due to the old browser. Probably for the same reason the photos, related videos and "known for" sections are not moved from their locations for me.
The banner adds and the affiliated links are normally removed but the sponsored links near the bottom aren't. Strangely I get an empty rectangle on the right (where the sidebar used to be) and near the bottom of the page (between the sponsored links and the IMDB links), unless I MOVE the part of the script that's supposed to remove the sponsored links to after the part of the script that widens the main section (I determined this by testing). If I move it to after that section (or just delete it), the empty rectangles disappear and everything is normal, but I still see the sponsored links. But if you don't see the sponsored links or the rectangles and no other user complains of this just presume this is due to my old browser and don't bother fixing it, I can live with the links.
As it is now this is an even better script than before, and the only thing I'm really still missing is the cast and recommendations images (which I'll MAYBE get when I update my browser).

Topio 1 User

I enjoyed this Script and would like to thank you for it, one of the things i Miss the most of the new layour is the left sidebar missing from the main ovie page
this included the links to the main areas of information and was my only reason for IMDB, if you could be including this ina future release I would really appreciate it.
the links in question are
Top Links
Trailers and videos
full cast and crew
official sites
memorable quotes
Details combined
Awards & Reviews
Reviews external
user ratings
parents guide
message board
Plot & Quotes
Plot summary
plot keywords
memorable quotes
Did You Know?
movie FAQ
Other Info
filming technical
literature News Desk
Promotional Taglines
trailers and videos
photo gallery
External Links

And they show up in the interior pages of a movie but not on the frontpage.

Arundor Script's Author

Thanks for the suggestion. I think the sections you're looking for are included in the "Quick Links" drop down menu. With this userscript installed the menu should be visible right above the Cast section.

It's possible there might be a problem with this section. Although it appears to work in my tests, the messages from Enkidu above indicate that he can't see it. If it's also not working for you, perhaps you could let me know what version of Firefox and Greasemonkey you're using and I can look into this more thoroughly.

seasalt User

Hello: I like your layout much better.
one small thing that would help me is to have Storyline was above cast, and even quick overview.

The key cast is listed already in Director then Stars in teh summary blurb. But always in the summary blurb the storyline is cut to 1 line. it has a show more link but that navigates me of the page

i often cut/paste the top section and email to my self for all sorts of reasons.
other question, is im trying to find bookmarklet to inset new movie into imdb from amazon. as the documentaries i watch are often on amazon and not yet in imdb.

if you have seen anything, posting link would be appreciated.

many thanks