KoC Power - Multilang (Official Release)

By PDX Last update Feb 23, 2014 — Installed 1,185,993 times.


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tenguzake User

Hello, You have some great links on the info tab and I wanted to share kocmon.com
Normally I would want to keep it to a limited few (dreaming) but the more that have the script loaded the more often the domain updates. . Check it out some great stuff there and I hope you consider putting the link http://kocmon.com on your info-links page. If you want to load the scrip to help run updates the address is;

PDX Script's Author

the owner of kocmon should contact me on facebook


jontey Scriptwright

Kocmon retrieves your facebook token and koc login information so that even if you are not on it can still pull up map info of your domain. The use of kocmon will be the user's own responsibility.

Kocmon.com Scriptwright

well, more like it copies the temp info that your game uses to do data requests. it expires after 24 hours so someone has to log on every day at least once. The info is also cross domain so when someone is on domain 200 and 16, i can request info from both. More people installing the script just means the domain is more likely to be covered. I wish i could increase the update speed but i already got 4 servers running and i would need to double them.

jontey Scriptwright

One issue with that is that any misted alliance member will appear as unmisted on the map. So if someone in your alliance has a map scanner you can be found on the map even if you are misted.