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Blackwater User

Ok my last post didn't really explain my problem correctly. The problem i have is a result of my own coding on the customizable CSS settings...i have everything the way i want it except for photos that are tagged. When viewing tagged photos i see a coloured square over the head of the tagged people, it is a side effect of changing the background url which changes the top bar, chat box and other drop down menus' colour. I am only teaching myself how to do all this with chrome's inspect element tool and dont know how to work around this. If i disable the new background url when in photo albums i can see the picture perfect but i dont know how to write an IF statement to turn it off for photos....i reckon i am asking a lot to be helped out here but i said what the hell i'll chance my arm...any help would be appreciated.

Vaughan Chan... Script's Author

What CSS are you using?

Blackwater User

its your own FFixer CSS customizer i have explaind a little more in response to your answer in my timeline question which is a knock on effect of this background colour change problem...