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Feed Filters not showing applications

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clunkienz User

I'm using Firefox 7, and better facebook 5.951. I haven't been using it a long time, but loving it so far.
Trying to set up feed filters tho, my Author, Type, Application etc columns are totally blank. Clicking on "Add at the top" does nothing.
Any suggestions?

kittensteak User

Same problem. Firefox 7.01, Better Facebook extension 5.951

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Same problem here!
I had some filters setup using previous versions, which still were working in current version.
But because i also encountered this problem, i did a total reset of settings, to see if that would somehow fix this problem.
And now I LOST my filters and noway to put them back anymore!

I understand you're working on the transition to rename the script, but this needs to be fixed ASAP!
Anyone any idea of when this problem occurred?
(that way i can revert to that version to edit the filters!)

Browser:Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:8.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/8.0
BFB Version:5.951
Script Type:greasemonkey
Inserted stylesheet:
Creating control panel
Adding tab: The Sims Social
Adding tab: Home
Adding tab container
Adding Friend Tracker
Adding Friend Activity
Inserting side navigation items
Using cached content for type:typeahead
Payload not found in connections!
Refreshing cached content for type:typeahead
Friend tracker returned invalid data!

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I found where it goes wrong, well kinda...
It's the code on lines #649 and #650 in your current script (v5.951)

You need to use these URL's to fetch:
  • Friend list:{user_fbid}&token=1-1&filter[0]=user&options[0]=friends_only&lazy=1&token=v7&stale_ok=1&__a=1&time={timestamp}
  • Pages list:{user_fbid}&token=1-1&filter[0]=page&lazy=1&token=v7&stale_ok=1&__a=1&time={timestamp}
  • Combined Friend+Pages list:{user_fbid}&token=1-1&filter[0]=user&options[0]=friends_only&filter[1]=page&lazy=1&token=v7&stale_ok=1&__a=1&time={timestamp}
  • Where {user_fbid} is the viewing user's Facebook numerical ID, which is been stored by FB in the DOM at Env.user and {timestamp} as a unix timestamp like you use now already...
I found the URL's by examining the source of Unfriend Finder, and by personal observation while typing something in the FB search bar...