Resurrect Google Cache & Related links.

By Mikha Last update Apr 27, 2013 — Installed 20,987 times.

Great script, but...

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maicasajusta User

...i wonder if there's a way to resurrect the cache and links buttons, without hiding the preview.

Anyway, thanks Mikha, well done!

maicasajusta User

well, seems I've worked out by myself, just changed this line:

var css = ".vspib {display: none;} .vshid {display: inline; margin-left:7px;}";

into this:

var css = ".vspib {display: yes;} .vshid {display: inline; margin-left:7px;}";

Mikha Script's Author

Sorry to be late but happy that you found how to ;-)

Jason Tank Scriptwright

display: yes; is horrible, no-good CSS that at best throws an error that just gets ignored. You really want to avoid overwriting the display parameter at all.

var css = ".vshid {display: inline; margin-left:7px;}";