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STOP updating it

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londontechead User

Please... It's getting annoying. In chrome, every time I visit a CS profile, a box pops up "a new version is available"

Dan° Script's Author

I'm afraid updates are necessary, since CS tecchies keep on changing the code of the profile pages, thus disabling features of the script (I've not introduced any new feature in the last few months, as you'll notice if you check the main page, but just adapted it)... it's not that I'm that happy of keeping tracks of all their changes, you know...
About your particular problem: provided you've got now the latest version, do you still get the messages in Chrome? There was an issue some time ago with that browser, who did not correctly check for updates, so I'm wondering whether it's again the same thing... let me know.

Patrick C User


Never mind, please keep updating the script as often as needed. So many programmers just give up because Cs pages often change! You're one of the few who hold on...