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New Update - Freezes Firefox / CPU use spikes to 99%

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clipper314 User

Since the new update I have experienced an intermittent freeze problem.
When I click "SharedHttpFiles" Firefox will freeze.
At the same time CPU usage spikes into the high 90s (97 - 99% according to Windows Task Manager).

Here's a screen cap showing what's going on at the time of the freeze:

Firefox must then be killed in Windows Task Manager and re-started.
As soon as FF is killed CPU usage drops to normal.
This seems to occur with more obscure titles. Less so with well known titles that have a lot of shared links.
Using Firefox 3.6.18 / Never experienced this problem before with previous IMDb Pirated Versions.

Anyone else having this problem?

Any way I can go back to a previous version for now?

hosts Script's Author

I think I have not make any changes in the code that has to do with "SharedHttpFiles", I don't know how to fix the problem you are takng about, I will think about it .

Previous versions don't work at all because imdb change their html code, but can be found here

hosts Script's Author

problem fixed.