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Some tweaks I made :-)

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decembre Scriptwright

It's not perfect, because when clik on the icon , i don't go exactly a the right comment :-}

But , maybe it can be an idea ?

RE - Edit : Yeah....I found another way : now it work ,i am happy .

I build an Userstyle which hide/show the Header of Page.
And Your Icon is in it...
So i tweak a little your script to have , on Photo Page, the icon in "Stats Bar" (After the Stats of View).

I you want drop an eye on this Userstyle :
Flickr WideScreen - Dark Grey Flickr (TWEAK PERSO)

Here the result :

The code :

function addButtonToMenu(photo_id)
if(document.getElementById('sidebar')) // Modif Decembre (Icon in SideBar> View Stats)
var navBar = document.getElementById('photo-story-stats');
var menuList = navBar.getElementsByTagName('span')[0];
var libut = menuList.appendChild(document.createElement('a'));
libut.setAttribute('class', 'comment-perso');
libut.setAttribute('style','border-color: transparent;');
var divbut = libut.appendChild(document.createElement('a'));
divbut.setAttribute('style', 'height:15px ;');
var commentedButton = divbut.appendChild(document.createElement('img'));
commentedButton.setAttribute('style','position: relative; height:13px !important; width: 18px !important; vertical-align: text-top!important;'); // MODIF Decembre (descendre icon Small) = 'FCO-image-' + photo_id;
commentedButton.alt = 'retrieving';
commentedButton.title = commentedButton.alt;
commentedButton.src = retrievingButtonImg;
return divbut;

How to have a good result on Photo page in this Position?

decembre Scriptwright

I found another solution without tweak your code :

FLICKR DARK /GREY - SCRIPT - Flickr Commented on
The result reduce the size of icons, the position of it on Photo Page and provide dark and grey icons according with my Userstyle....

Fernandezfernie User

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