GMail toggle searchbar area

By Gurjeet Singh Last update Aug 10, 2011 — Installed 21,323 times.

Works in Chrome :)

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Waffull User

I have been missing this script for soooo long. Thank you for getting it working again.

As an fyi, script works in Chrome 12+ as well. Invaluable on a netbook!!!

Gurjeet Singh Script's Author

Wow.. that's a pleasant surprise :)

Tried it on Chrome 12.x on my Linux Mint, and hate to say this but, the slide-down/up animation is so smooth in Chrome, and Firefox 3.6's animation is so choppy. Oh well, maybe time to upgrade FF after all.

Waffull User

Google is at it again. The toggle search doesn't work (or maybe simply doesn't show in the google bar anymore) with the new gmail interface. I know they haven't forced the new interface on everyone yet, but I was asked to change mine today, for my google apps account. I did, to see it, and while I don't like certain aspects of it, in the compact mode it's usable. But my beloved toggle search isn't there:(

Any chance of getting it to work with the new gmail interface (in Chrome)? Please:)

r g User

I have the same request, but with Firefox! This script makes Gmail so much easier to read on my little netbook, and now that I've switched to the new layout the toggle link is gone.

Gurjeet Singh Script's Author

@Waffull @"r g", I've noticed the UI change in GMail, tried it, and quickly reverted back :)

One roadblock I see to updating the script is that it may stop working for the current interface, which may not sit well with people who would want to delay the GMail UI switch.

In any case, I'll try to fix the script ASAP, which history tells me might take long, or when GMail forces the change on me.