TinyURL Decoder

By setomits Last update May 12, 2011 — Installed 133,708 times.

Stop supporting and maintaining

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setomits Script's Author

I myself have never used this script for months because current Twitter UI shows the decoded URLs and I have used Twitter for Mac in these couples of months. So I will stop supporting and maintaining this script.

DyNama User

i have actually added some additional websites to the @includes (like http://lounge.windowssecrets.com/*) and get decoded short links on pages other than twitter! so it is still handy to me and i'd wish you to continue updating it.

edit: i think i changed it to include all websites!
edit: i didn't, you did! so this script works on all pages, not just twitter.

moonpilot User

Please keep maintaining this script! I never use twitter but this plugin is still very useful on other sites like forums etc :)