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Minor problems of appearance

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pabouk User

Firstly I would like to thank you for the great plugin. It is really useful!

There are some minor problems of appearance in Firefox (4 and 5):

1. The first button is not aligned.
2. The buttons are too small and a very limited portion of edit note is shown.
3. The "clear" button is overlapped by the edit note area.

jesus2099 Script's Author

Hey Pabouk, thanks for the report, this is not minor as it really looks awful ! ;)

Actually, until today, I didn’t know if it was working in Firefox at all.
Releasnig a new versino today and I came to test it and it was looking good for me.
Except I have a very old version of Firefox maybe. It’s 3.5.3 with latest greasemonkey extension if I’m right.
What is your FF version and myscript version ?

edit: I updated my Firefox to 5.0 and my Greasemonkey extension is still 0.9.5. I still don’t see your problem happening on my PC (windows xp).
Maybe it’s interaction with another userjs, please tell me your installed scripts and versions, maybe… :)

pabouk User

Hi Jesus, thank you for fast reply. I have Firefox 5.0 and Greasemonkey 0.9.5. Currently I have many user scripts enabled (around 25!). I will try to disable some of them and report back later.

jesus2099 Script's Author

Well yes. I have many userjs too (on my test Firefox too). Try to disable them all and see if it’s still broken. If not, enable them back one by one to find the culprit ! ;)

pabouk User

OK, I discovered the offender :) It was Textarea Drag Resize. It was applied to the buttons and prevented them to show up in single line. Anyway this userjs is outdated because the functionality has already been implemented in the Firefox core.

Now I am going to test your new “Monster release” :)

The new version is great! Thanks. I noticed that there are balloon tips which show the whole text of the stored note.
There is just a small aesthetic problem - newline is being shown as Unicode number "u000A" in the balloon tips.