Gawker Media Redirect

By MattyMattMatt Last update May 13, 2011 — Installed 1,947 times.

Thanks for the effort

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Scytale Scriptwright

It was good of you to try, and your script worked great while it lasted. I've been sticking around Gawker purely for Lifehacker, but killing the ca. hack might be the final push that gets me to find an alternative sire.

MattyMattMatt Script's Author

I loved LH, but I gave up on as the new design is a usability nightmare.
There are sadly no good alternatives.

Fofer User

Yes, thank you for sharing your work, I appreciate it.

Now I am using this script:

...which forces all Gawker media sites to the blog.*.com view. It's a little better, still not great. (I never visit these sites directly anymore, but sometimes follow a link there...)