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VLC not working

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When I choose VLC and disable all the other player plugins it just loads the flash player. If I choose generic with everything else turned off I get a black box that doesn't play anything with no controls or fullscreen ability.

I ran it in the terminal and got this error.
Running DIL (0.9.27) Version
DtsDeviceOpen: DtsGetDevID Failed

Debian Sid
Firefox 4 (Tried 3.5 same thing)
VLC Multimedia Plug-in

File: /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/
Version 1.1.10 The Luggage, copyright 1996-2007 The VideoLAN Team

MIME Type Description Suffixes
audio/mpeg MPEG audio mp2,mp3,mpga,mpega
audio/x-mpeg MPEG audio mp2,mp3,mpga,mpega
video/mpeg MPEG video mpg,mpeg,mpe
video/x-mpeg MPEG video mpg,mpeg,mpe
video/mpeg-system MPEG video mpg,mpeg,mpe,vob
video/x-mpeg-system MPEG video mpg,mpeg,mpe,vob
audio/x-mpegurl MPEG audio m3u
video/mp4 MPEG-4 video mp4,mpg4
audio/mp4 MPEG-4 audio mp4,mpg4
audio/x-m4a MPEG-4 audio m4a
application/mpeg4-iod MPEG-4 video mp4,mpg4
application/mpeg4-muxcodetable MPEG-4 video mp4,mpg4
video/x-m4v MPEG-4 video m4v
video/x-msvideo AVI video avi
video/quicktime QuickTime video mov,qt
application/x-ogg Ogg stream ogg
application/ogg Ogg stream ogg
video/ogg Ogg video ogv
application/x-vlc-plugin VLC plug-in vlc
video/x-ms-asf-plugin Windows Media Video asf,asx
video/x-ms-asf Windows Media Video asf,asx
application/x-mplayer2 Windows Media
video/x-ms-wmv Windows Media wmv
video/x-ms-wvx Windows Media Video wvx
audio/x-ms-wma Windows Media Audio wma
application/x-google-vlc-plugin Google VLC plug-in
audio/wav WAV audio wav
audio/x-wav WAV audio wav
audio/3gpp 3GPP audio 3gp,3gpp
video/3gpp 3GPP video 3gp,3gpp
audio/3gpp2 3GPP2 audio 3g2,3gpp2
video/3gpp2 3GPP2 video 3g2,3gpp2
video/divx DivX video divx
video/flv FLV video flv
video/x-flv FLV video flv
video/x-matroska Matroska video mkv
audio/x-matroska Matroska audio mka
application/xspf+xml Playlist xspf xspf
video/webm WebM video webm
audio/webm WebM audio webm
audio/amr AMR audio amr