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voks Scriptwright

It would be cool, if the script didn't remove the "&list=..." part of the video urls, so we're still able to watch playlists. ;-) or even better: just remove the &feature=... (and &eurl=...) part of the urls?

to do so replace your CleanURL function:

function CleanURL(s){
	return s.replace(/(&|\?)(?:feature|eurl)=[^&#$]+(&?)/g, function(all, preDelim, postDelim) {
		if (postDelim != "") { return preDelim; }
		return "";

3ICE Script's Author

Thanks for your suggestion, it will be implemented in 2 hours. (I'm commuting at the moment.) In the meantime, check out the fork derula maintains here:

The first version of my script only removed the known tracking parameters, but it got quickly out of hand (way too many .replace() calls), so I decided to generalize it and remove all parameters except "v" with a simple .substr() call.

/* 3ICE: List of all annoyances I came across:
"&feature=aso", "&feature=channel", "&feature=chclk",
"&feature=dka", "&feature=featured", "&feature=fvhl",
"&feature=fvhr", "&feature=fvsr", "&feature=fvwk",
"&feature=geo", "&feature=grec_index", "&feature=mhum",
"&feature=mh", "&feature=more_related",
"&feature=popular", "&feature=related",
"&feature=spotlight", "&feature=sub",
"&feature=topvideos", "&feature=watch_response_rev",
"&feature=watch_response", "&eurl=*" */

EDIT: I used a different solution than the one you provided.
In function isYouTubeLink:

//3ICE: Playlist support: Do not treat URLs with "&list=..." in them as youtube links.
	if(s.match(/&list=/)){return false;}

Catastrophic User

hmmm, not sure if only is happening to me, but playlists are broken again, its the only active script i have for youtube, any ideas? already tried reinstall