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Version 0.3.5 Released! (Post Questions/Issues here)

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PungusDei User

A interesting Part would be if we can place links manually in the Massive Collector for example: I have over 1200 Links for the Stadium in Italy (if you have not Build this you get Money from the City where you are in - if you have Build the Stadium you get a Fan).

But i can not Paste any Links.

For the Battlefield i agree with some Users: I think it's better we can change it Old Fight Module or New...maybe on the Configuration Tab?

Greets PD

kayuh jatih User

If its possible. Can you make home feed helper in random time between x minutes? for example between 1-2 minutes, 3-5 minutes and 10-15 minutes range? It would make detection a bit hard.

dakam Script's Author

*** Little update to fix some issues(see first post). ***
Mayor update is comming.

@Le Trainspotter
If you set to send gifts with Zynga Center it only will be visible in the Zunga Center.
If you set to send gifts with Facebook requests, it will be visible in facebook request page.

padzta User

with todays update i cant access mw addon the green arrow is not present

hatto User

Weird, with the new script version, I installed with joy and found out the script wasn't running and nothing seems to appear. Run on Chrome, FF and Flock. tested on all three.

D00M User

I have the same problem - it doesn't show up a all.

Zacharia User

Same problem, no access at all. Checked with FF, Chrome, Flock. Does anybody have the link to the version before?

msquiltalot User

TO FIND A PREVIOUS VERSION - click on the Source Code tab. There is a link at the top of the page for "124 Previous Versions". Click on that and choose the last one in May to return to version

NOTE - if you are using Chrome, you will need to go to MANAGE EXTENSIONS and delete version as both versions will be active. I do not know about any of the other browsers.

hope this helps.

Zacharia User

Awesome, thanks for the hint. Checked the tab earlier but have been blind.

dakam Script's Author

userscript was down so i was not able to fix it, there is a working version try it :)


I can not get Battlefield to work, it stopped once I got the new fight module. Am i doing something wrong or is everyone having these probs?

tumtum User

Battlefield not working

losterman1@l... User

Thanks for the update!

Even after download of new update I'm still getting:
"So & So" needs your help in a War
Bad server response, try it yourself
I get this in FF and Chrome. It's not helping in any wars at all.

It also has a tendency to get stuck in FF at "Claim war reward" and if I don't get "You are too late to claim a reward", I get "Bad server response, try it yourself" in FF and Chrome.

zack_toujours User

@Tutum @KNIGHTMETAL : the battlefield is not fixed yet ... Dakam is working on the battlefield 2 ... So little patience will be good ... I am sure he will come with a big masterwork as we know him :)... Other issues were fixed... coming soon Battlefield V2

dakam Script's Author

I can't test it at all, but maybe it work.

All you can intall this beta for test War Help in Home Feed Center.

FB MafiaWars Addon - VersiĆ³n: beta

zack_toujours User

Hi Dakam,

After clicking the wart help that is what I get :"
"****needs your help in a War
Bad server response, try it yourself."

I think it is not working proprely

Take care :)

Devlin85 User

Any way you could add an option to organize the plug-ins. Either an option to select a plugin and move it up/down or just an auto alphabetize.. I love the plug-ins feature!

Read The Tutorial and find out how useful the Plug-In manager can be!
You will be glad you did!

zack_toujours User

Now the war help is working, It would be nice to show which item is offered for helping :)

@ devlin... I was thinking the same ... it would be nice to could organize the plug-ins

Sunnytom User

pls dont forget to make a new thread for issues bugs and suggestions or should we use the old ones for 0.3.5 and above?
There are now a lot of threads and I find it personally to much confusing.
I have a new suggestion.If you can do it and its not based on zynga,pls change that in inventory analyzer:
There are at the end the totally strengh of the item x amount and its also shown the totally amount if the items are recently no more active at all.
A.e.,I have 247 Grim Reaper ,but only 43 of them are still active items in my account but the amount what they will give is still the same as all would be active items.I find it better ,if only the active items are counting!Thank you!
And a bug:
The link for the "bonus payment" seems to be NOT the mystery bag link.If I post this link ,all who want to open it get an error code 'kn 27'!I donk know this code but I assumed ever that this is NOT the right link for it.Anything must be special on this bonus payment links.That are links,you get for your work in operation jobs.It is random who get it,but if,you can share it with your mafia.If you receive in fb ,it looks like a mystery bag ,but you get the message Mystery bonus or bonus payment!I have to look into a fb link if I got one.

dakam Script's Author


Please use 0.3.6 thread intead.