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stbs User

charlie brown, According to MW Lootlady's website, she has had the new fight module for about 2 weeks now when I posted my "helpful" note to you, that's where I got my info as I read her site each day...

Next, with operations, if you go to the line in the home feed center config area, you have a choice of which jobs to choose from. You can even "filter" them via the name of the operation. There are two choices just based on energy, stamina or both type operations.


msquiltalot .. a plane for stamina... hehe.. rather have the fire :)


Hey Dakam, Could you add an auto-collect gifts function in the free gifts center?
Your script has made me too lazy to want to click the accept button myself, lol, thank you.

[C4] Kill@Will User

Does Battlefield recognize the new, red clan tags?

dakam Script's Author

@James R Parish
Refreshing in so short time is a bad idea, Addon call to facebook to get your post activity.
It's more fast than making manual war, but people are not happy to lose some rewards, i know.. all they want the most possible rewards in less time, even it's not a "fair play".
but i'm thinking that 1 minute is already very short, think about facebook servers and some slow times cause too many calls.

@charlie brow (Jun 5, 2011)
Battlefield is already working fine for me, it don't fight dummy players (for events) but it still working as all time it did. I can't fix/upodate anything if my Mafia Wars is all like before and all work fine.
Waiting for the "new fight system" to start updating battlefield.

Yes just go options and select Go to War config, there u can set a filter to fight only for those items you really want to get.

@charlie brow (Jun 9, 2011)
You need to go to config page and select Missions tab, there u can set what missions you want to join, the spend type like stamina/energy/both, and how many free slots a mission must have to join.

I've made some changes but it don't work like i think. So it could not be added.

I don't understand those things you said, but my Mafia Wars still like "old style", i don't see any significant changes here.
Anyway i'm not playing now, very busy for my work now, i will get a rest soon for this summer, and i will try to update some things if it's really need to be updated :)

- Before: people must click every gift in facebook page, load mafia wars, click send back, click accept, click back, load facebook gifts page again, click next gift...

- Now: you just need to click "accept"

Well i know that i can made it even more easy and fast, but my idea is to make it more fun than old method, and i want people play the game, don't just click "GO" and sit down watching TV. if i made every tool a "GO & sit down" it will become a MW-Auto-Addon instead.
I know i made some "sit down" utils like BF (Battlefield), but BF auto is really need for people can spend a big amunt of stamina without having to play mafia wars all day.
Anyway, BF has a "manual" mode, i know that "maybe" only a 4-5% of all MWAddon users play BF in manual mode.

@[C4] Kill@Will
No, because last update of battlefield is previous to it, i'm waiting for the new fight system that some people are commenting, but i still not with.

Sunnytom User

Hi Dakam,I wrote a message in suggestion thread and one in discussion board for the filter,but I see you have less time!Hope any other experienced user like "stbs" or "msquitalot" could help me maybe with filter settings?Thread is directly on discussion board forum.
Nice to hear anything from you,thats the best "News",David!
Ps,if you want infos over the new fight module and if you havbe time to fix ,write me a message,I have the new system in my account and you can look into it!

Eri User

For me n some other the 'home feed center' often stuck (keep loading) in 1 post, dunno when its started but guess since few hrs ago

stbs User

Dakam, I am having an issue with Massive Collector. Since the changes with FB earlier in the week, groups now have to have "expanded" posts. When using the auto collector part of massive, it's only seeing the first few lines and not expanding to the full post is all I can attribute the problem to.

If I copy and paste it's fine because I've manually expanded. Just thought I'd mention this problem as I'm sure others will experience it as well. I only noticed the issue as of this evening as I hadn't had any problems until today with it.

stbs User

SunnyTom, sent you a private message, you can message me via Facebook from it.

losterman1@l... User

I have been having trouble with the Home Feed Center recently in FF. It seems to work fine with Chrome, but because I have two players I run one in Chrome and one in FF. In FF when it comes up to helping in a war or collecting on a war reward (10 loyalty points) it won't do it now. It gets stuck and won't continue. I know they changed some of the war stuff and I know that Zynga has been trying to catch "cheaters", however because this works with all their limits and everything, I don't see it as a cheat but an immense help. It keeps me from having to sit at my comp and watch the feed for hours on end. Anyway, just thought I would let you know what's go on. Great program and thank you for creating it.

nesprtsfan User

I love it...just within the past 24 hours, my inventory analyzer will not load for me in Chrome.

Franz Reyner User

I cant post my gift links on "MY WALL" and "MAFIA WARS FREE GIFT LINK CREATORS 2 ~[OFFICIAL]~" using GIFTS PAGE (SHORT LINKS). If I choose "MY WALL" or any other group pages in "SELECT POST DESTINATION" and press "SELECT TARGET" to post my gift links, it always post it on "MAFIA WARS FREE GIFT LINKS" group page. I've been through this for about 3 days now. Pls advice how to fix this problem. Thanks.

marinersfaninmd User

Also having the issue with Inventory Analyzer. It will spin and then never load. having this issue with FF and Chrome. Others have said it works in Chrome and others have said works fine in FF. but for me neither browser works. and i just installed Chrome to see if it would work there and it doesnt.

monkeybones User

there is a new fighting bookmarklet from spockholm,if you have the new fight module you can use this till shrubber gets our beloved battlefield going again...
assassin-a-nator can be found here

Fizyczny User

Having problems with Inventroy Analyzer (in FF and Chrome). It was working one week ago and now it spins and never load (just like marinersfaninmd wrote).

dakam Script's Author

@marinersfaninmd, @Fizyczny
Maybe it's a temporal issue, there is a lot of different inventories, i only can test in mine.
Hope it back to work for you.

I'm reading some people are getting back to old fight module. We need to wait.

nesprtsfan User

My Inventory Analyzer is also just spinning and never loads. It worked great until the past week and now it never loads for me.

Regarding the new fight module...I found another extension for chrome that has chucker, brawler, and the new one from spockholm called assassin-nator. It can be found at When it is installed it will show right above your missions bar. It also does not require you to unframe

losterman1@l... User

My Home Feed Center is still not working in FF. Any suggestions?

Nihilistics User

Hi Dakam.Firstly i'd like to thank you for this amazing script youve constructed for us players.Its made a world of diffrence in my gameplay.Thank you.
Im currently using the latest chrome & FB MW add On Version: having problem with the massive gift collector.Its only scans & adds a "few" limited items no matter how many times i try.Refreshed still the same.Im sure im missing something here as im not quite script savvy.And its a pain collecting manually.Please help.
p/s : awaiting for the Battlefield to open again (i love the interface)

dakam Script's Author

Actually, facebook only let MWAddon scan your Home, so no groups can be scanned. you get links from your home.

I'm now with battlefiled, it's the first update i want to release in next days.

Anwar350 User

Bro Dakam before updating battlefield with new one please keep in mind that not all users are rolled up with new fight module if update it old module doesn't work. So you can keep old one and update new one. And I suggest you to change new name for new battlefield like spockholm Assassin-a-nator.

khOliO User



i am waitting

u r dont know how i am happy u back again

now i can lay with a brave heart


sm00th Scriptwright

@Anwar350: Just keep in mind, you are on, every single script has an own version repository. You can switch to any old version.

Besides that, Battlefield never really stopped working and still works on new fighting module. 5% of poor newbs still have the old fighting .. source: Zynga.

Name of a feature is irrelevant, but I suggest "Fartmachine". just for the lulz.

Paul Lenders User

I've got a lot of problems with this addon..

1. I can't do any wars, it just keeps loading, that's it.
2. I can't make the giftlinks
3. I can't use the inventory analizer, when I run it, it keeps loading for a little while, then I see nothing.

The only thing working perfect is battlefield! I love it!

Anyone has the same problem, or some advice? Thanks!

Aravast User

Hi, glad to see you on top of things again Dakam.

Your plugin manager was a brilliant idea.
I put there all kinds of plugins useful to me
and the new assasinator is one of them.
I want to say, why your precious time will be wasted on battlefield?
Gifting, home feed, collector etc. are the things that are the hot spots in my opinion
Maybe focus on them.
collector is not working, and now with "see more" on every post
its a pain to copy links into the collector.
I shed a tear when your scanner stopped working.
and can the home feed/ gift center handle unknown posts?
just open them in memory without parsing anything?

I really love your work. Its inspiring.

Devlin85 User

Ya I am also having a hard time with the mass collector in the free gifts center. It will very rarely find more than a few links. i have to manually go copy and paste them into the box to get it to work. And that's when scanning groups, it never has been successful searching "my wall" which was supposedly the same as searching the home feed as from what I was told. But I'm sure you can get it working again :)