Follow Cost for Twitter profiles

By Barry Hess Last update Oct 16, 2010 — Installed 1,185 times.

Added https support

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Callum Macdo... Scriptwright

The plugin doesn't work on https by default. I whipped in an added a second include for and bingo, back in action. :-) I can't remember if there's a better syntax, but the second include works for me.

For anyone who wants to do this themselves, edit the file (right click then edit in the greasemonkey scripts manager) then add the second @include line below so the top of your file looks like this:

// ==UserScript==

// @name Follow Cost for Twitter profiles

// @author Barry Hess

// @namespace

// @description Display a user's Follow Cost right in his/her Twitter profile

// @include*

// @include*

// ==/UserScript==

Barry, thanks for a neat little plugin. :-)

Love & joy - Callum.