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Doesn't quite work

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BryanH User

They delay the appearance of the overlay, probably to foil GreaseMonkeyers like yourself. Your script runs, then a little while later the paywall is activated.

thewgp User

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Yeah, the script does not work here either. Firefox 4.0, Mac OS 10.6.6 - not sure what's going on, but it definitely looks like the page loads, there's a slight delay, and then the overlay drops in.

Aintaer Scriptwright

This script doesn't actually work anymore. Greasemonkey executes in a sandboxed environment now which means the library it's counting on isn't there. In addition, the overlay isn't added until after an AJAX call comes back so there's a delay. See http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/100746 for a different treatment.