Travian 9 and 15 crop finder

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Descriptor Scriptwright

Can you select an area with the mouse and use "view selections source" from the right-click menu?
The code should be highlighted in an area that looks something like:
<img src="something.jpg" title="15 crops">

I know about the game but haven't played it, they may use something more complex to show the number of crops, it may be an image map or something written in JavaScript. Or it could even be written in Flash (but I don't think so) or Java, in which case we can't do anything at all.

Descriptor Scriptwright

Also, it may not be possible to find anything outside your viewable area. This would probably be a good idea to suggest to them for a customizable option for the game.

Descriptor Scriptwright

Maybe you folks should ask in one of Nekura's scripts and see if there's any interest by those who play it.
I just happened to see that one...

BTW: Jelle Fresen - you can edit your posts here, even delete them.

G. User

@p125: You are absolutely right. Two thumbs up for that idea! :)
Beyond script indeed shows number of resources on mouse hover while viewing map, so its somehow implemented in the script. For GM geeks should be no problem to make script searching for particular crop fields :)
IMHO, since I aint no coder ;)

Hope something will finally occur in that matter :)

Explorer User

No script needed, go here:

Nilwhin User

The Aniweb site does not have all servers available for searching so a script that checks for 9 and 15 croppers would still be helpful if you play on one of the servers not covered by the Aniweb cropfinder.


A nice travian crop finder engine:

You can enter some center coordinates and search in different radius intervals from the center. The search is done in real-time and therefore always displays accurate results.