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Script Request - Media player controls for VLC plugin

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steveg Scriptwright

I made a topic in "Ideas and Script Requests" which has been read by 3 people since I posted it 4 days ago, so I'm taking it here. A lot of people have VLC and its Mozilla plugin installed, so I feel this would be a very useful script. Here is what I posted:

The problem:
If you have the VLC plugin installed and you follow a direct link to a media file, it opens up in the browser and starts playing after a brief buffer time. That works fine, except there is no way to control the playback; there are no buttons or even keyboard shortcuts you can use to do basic things like pause or fast-forward.

To be clear, I am not talking about embedded videos within web pages. I am talking about opening a link to a video or audio file in the browser, like this:

MP4 File (a public domain film)

The request:
I would love if someone could write a script which adds an interface for the VLC plugin. There are already scripts out there which do this for embedded videos, such as replacing the YouTube player by using the VLC plugin. For example, the script "Youtube without Flash Auto" uses this media player interface to do just that. I have limited experience with JavaScript, but I don't see why this wouldn't be possible to do, and most of the code is basically out there already. Thanks.