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By djharvey Last update Feb 18, 2011 — Installed 102,857 times.

Photo Theater Killer as .xpi

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Edw4rd User


While searching for a way to remove this annoying piece of code, i came across your solution. It works fine with Greasemonkey.

There is a website, which wraps Greasemonkey Scripts into a .xpi file to install as an normal firefox plugin ( http://arantius.com/misc/greasemonkey/script-co... ). So you could use the script without Greasemonkey.

Could you please wrap your script into a .xpi ? :)

djharvey Script's Author

Let me look into it. To be honest, I usually don't use Firefox all that often; but I will certainly look into it.

castrola User

Hi!!! has anyone idea that why i cannot complete succesfully the installation of the photo theater killer?
I click on the bottom and a opo up appear with the options, Source code, Cancell, and Install, but I click on Installa and nothing happen.

Ive already intalled de Greasy Monkey in my Macbook.


djharvey Script's Author

Hmmmmmmm. I don't suppose you've tried installing it manually? That is to say, copying the source code and adding it manually to GreaseMonkey?

Snakeguy101 User

It is doing the same thing for me. The install button will not work and I do not know how to manually instal the source code into grease monkey.