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By TorfDrottel Last update Jul 4, 2012 — Installed 51,453 times.

Ikariam v0.4.2

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Druander User

I haven't tried to use this before and it's my luck to try to use it the first time on a version of Ikariam that it doesn't look like this is tested for yet. I can report that it seems to be running, just that the numbers it's giving for wine usage aren't making any since. If I look at one of my Taverns, it resets for it to 0 hours, if I don't visit them for awhile, then it gives a negative number. I always keep enough wine, in each city to last for at least 4 days, so I'm assuming it's not working good with this game version or I'm just missing something on how to use this. Any suggestions?

TorfDrottel Script's Author

You must check all taverns and all "wine-mines". And after any transport of wine has reched the destination, selecting that city will update the current amount of wine.