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Ogre Scriptwright

I use some awesome scripts for Kingdoms of Camelot and I also play a game called Car Town on facebook. What I am wanting should be simple to you fine folks who made building easier there. What I am wanting is a script that will automatically start jobs so that I can get my level up and have access to more cars. :)

So could someone please do this for an old motor head like me? Its really a fun game where you get to race and build awesome cars. Thank you in advance.

Ogre Scriptwright

Can you at least let me know if its possible?

N0OS3 User

I want same too! Something to run "Car Wash" job when i'm not around. I've seen this done from another page i google'd and they have it set to a specific time period where they're at in the game (i.e. 20x20 garage, garage at an exact setup, etc.) so this might be a case-by-case basis or else this would be a very complicated "universal" script to make...

please let me/us know if this is do-able!?

BiGBoi User

yes please a script for car town would be helpful

o3nisoaso3 User

I know it has been almost a year but I am also here on behalf of me and 7 of my friends who also are very interested in a script for cartown. one that would auto set/collect/set/collect jobs