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By MattyMattMatt Last update May 13, 2011 — Installed 1,947 times.

Loads up page before redirecting

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albo User

Hi MattyMattMatt,

Thanks for the script, very nice idea. One issue I've come across in my entire 30 seconds of usage so far: the gawker page loads up before the redirect happens, hence making everything really slow. Any way to make the redirect happen quicker?


MattyMattMatt Script's Author


the problem is scripts don't have control over page load. Firefox has window.stop(), however, because of how userscripts work and where the actual code is inserted, it'll be executed last, so the page will already be done loading. You can manually hit stop to speed it up if you wish.

I'll look into it to see whether or not I can force the script to execute earlier. I created this script merely to hold me over while I try and work around the new layout.