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MU auto-start now not working 3.8

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leif011 User

as of 12/2/11 the auto-start function does not seem to work, it simply causes the the page and timer to reload continually.

unless the function is disabled it makes downloads impossible from megaupload

ice films Script's Author

yep, just updated the script to correct.

sebastian406 User

Even after updating to 3.9, the countdown timer is still there. The videos play, but I still have to wait for the countdown timer.

leif011 User

Thanks for the update.

I just checked it but with the new 3.9 version it seems to have exactly the same issue.

i will try removing the script and re-adding it to rule out and update issue.

adrianarmona... User

countdown still there, afterwards video not found or access denied despite the fact that it is downloadable via JD.

Logos.A User

Ive been having this problem for months nothing has changed.heres a recording of what its doing