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mp4 only option ?

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lucky_jl User


First of all thank you for this script, i dropped from others scripts and tools because of this one :P

I would like to purpose one simple option that can (in my opinion) gives great usability to the button, that is an option to "show only mp4 links" on the dropbox menu ?

FLV options makes increases combo size and makes the users more confusing on what to choose (by users i mean profiles like girlfriend, wife, mother etc),

If necessary i am avaible to code this thing, or just point me how to get started with the code :)


lucky_jl User

Since the code has well defined i only needed to change the global vars!
Thanks again :)

var FORMAT_LABELS={'18':'SD 360p','22':'HD 720p'};
var FORMAT_EXTENSIONS={'18':'mp4','22':'mp4'};
var FORMAT_LIST=['18','22'];

gantt Script's Author

I agree with you and that was the initial goal of the script. At some point, YouTube's links to MP4 files were unreliable and FLVs were a better option. For some videos, FLV is the only option. I'll probably keep the best FLV as a backup option.