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By jerone Last update Oct 28, 2012 — Installed 1,333 times.

Not working!

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1nfected Scriptwright

I get an alert box saying something like: "Something went wrong with the framework blah blah, would you like to go the script page?"

I do have the US Framework installed and it's placed above this script in the order of execution.

What could be the problem bro?

jerone Script's Author

All my scripts (that required US Framework) aren't working anymore because of an update from GreaseMonkey :)
Haven't found a solution, but I wanted to update them anyways.
I'm in the progress of updating most of them, just wait a few days and I probably have it ready.

Thnx for using.

jerone Script's Author

Ok, I just updated this script.
I also increased the default amount of line numbers to 10000 (changeable), because browsers these days are way faster.

Have fun using it.