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City search

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ResistanceIs... User

I like the new search options for the city search.
But for some reason city is not working for me. Barb and wild work fine.

A couple ideas for future city search options friendly only and neutral only.
But a parameter for the might search so you can set it to find players between say
(X value)< and >(Y value) IE from 2m might and 4m might.

FORGIVE ME if this is addressed in a workable fashion in the search by might I have not been able to get mine to work in this latest update yet, as stated above ;)


profiler User

me 2

Firebirdeluxe User

Update your Firefox to 4.0 no more problems! :P

Thank you works awesome. I am still trying to figure out how to use yours compared to the others.

George Jetson Scriptwright

Doesn't work for me either LOL

Firefox 4 has BUGS, BUGS, BUGS. I just tracked down one that was ridiculous, throwing a syntax error on a very simple piece of code, adn not even indicating where the error was in the script.

Laurent13008 User

75 isn't enough for a province search. Coordinates at the corner of the province are 100.74 far from the center.