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Mutual Friends Hidden

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releasethekr... User

In the forced new profile layout, the mutual friends list which has been moved to the right side seems to be hidden when FFixer is activated. Not sure which setting is affecting it though.

Texan_POd User

You don't say which version FFixer your using, but I would check your "ego" section under the Advanced tab in Configuration first.

If you followed my example CSS code in your topic titled "Forced New Profile", there is a section that "hides" the ego area as well. I added it in the CSS for my personal clarity.

/* Get rid of “crap” on the right side – Adblock Plus helps */
div.ego_section {display: none; }

Dink Scriptwright

I think it would be cool if the mutual friends section could be moved to the left column, so you could still have the right column hidden if you prefer it that way.

scriptright User

Affects 2.3.0

Vaughan Chan... Script's Author

I can see the mutual friends section still. Did Texan_POd's advise work for this?

Texan_POd User

One of these should help.
You see which one I picked.

/* Get rid of "Mutual Friends" section -- ONE of the following two options */
div#pagelet_mutual {display: none; }
div#pagelet_right_sidebar {display: none; }
div#pagelet_right_sidebar {display: none; }