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How to install on Chrome/SRware Iron/ Rockmelt :)

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Dan (Da man)... User

OK Good news is it all works now...

.So if your are trying to install this for chrome.. uninstall greasegoogle/tampermonkey first.
.Then go press green install button accept the extension
.Then re-add greasegoogle/tampermonkey and if your using scrubbers script, click source code and then copy the whole script and then right click on monkey head and go to options add new script
paste the source code in. shut the browser and then restart it.
. now both will work :D

For SRware Iron repeat the above :D

For rock melt repeat above however Grease google will not work, use tampermonkey instead
to add the source code to tamper in rockmelt - You click rockmelt top left hand corner then select > tools > extensions > then options on tempermonkey

from there just select add new script and paste then save close browser and open and your ready to go both work together...

one last thing if you want to stop using firefox for good but want your bonus from toolbar go here

Thanks so much for all the help... and your awesome work dakam... BYE BYE FIREFOX !!! :D

Ellen_vh User

How do I uninstall greasegoogle/tampermonkey??

dakam Script's Author

just go to "chrome://extensions/" and disable all they, install the script clicking "Install" button, let chrome install it. Finally, go to "chrome://extensions/" and turn enable the extensions.