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TheGrinch User

I just went through PowerTools and changed 'Speed' to 'Train', modded it to split training across upto 20 barracks so that I can fill my training queues from PT rather than that pathetic KoC interface.

Now you come along and do this to me?!? GRRR!!!!

Let me know if you want me to send you my altered version of George's script so you can add the changes to yours.

TheGrinch User

As an after thought: I should also of killed the need for an empty training queue and added a few more improvements so that I could:

City has 18 barracks:

Train (6x) 6000 archer: 6 slots are filled with 1k archer
Train (4x) 8000 militia: 4 more slots filled with 2k militia
Train (8x) 4000 ballista: last 8 slots are filled with 500 ballista each.

Can't be bothered looking into it right now; it's been a long day and I've had a few drinks.

TheGrinch User

*LOL* Seems I was preempted by George - he'd already revamped training. Oh well, it was a good exercise in code adaptation if nothing else.