SSW Recipe Helper

By nardo Last update Jun 23, 2008 — Installed 609 times.

This does what?

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Vitae Scriptwright

It's loaded, but I can't tell what it's supposed to's not doing anything...

Vitae Scriptwright

never mind. found a posting

"I've added a recipe helper to

I'll have to be a little vague to avoid giving away any spoilers. Let's say that you want to make some Brown Pills but you only have half the ingredients. Normally you would be told that you're missing these ingredients but with the recipe helper installed it will make these ingredients for you and then make the Brown Pills. It will work automaticaly when you try to make a recipe, you don't need to do anything different.

The script does not know any recipes. It relies solely on the recipes that you have unlocked. If you want to make something that requires Noodles, but you don't have any Noodles then you will need to have discovered the recipe to make Noodles in order for the script to help you (and, of course, you'll also need the ingredients to make Noodles). I just used the word Noodles four times in one sentence!"

swear, there's more details on there about your scripts than on here :(