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Farming Machine 2.0

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blackblood Script's Author

Hi, i'm working in a new version of Farming Machine.
This version will include:

  • Farming Oasis;
  • If you have got very of one unit, the farming machine will start farming with them;
  • Compatibility with Travian V4.0;
  • No Captcha;
  • New style;
  • Speed Improve;
  • Alliance Filter;
  • Fix all bugs of version 1.6;
  • And more.

    More news soon

    borga User


    TemhAAhmeT Scriptwright

    thanks and i think you should add an option to stop farming and wait troops come back if there isnt any troops on village.

    TheAngel User

    Check the problem list in Discussions, there are few things to fix :)

    a00112506 User

    When I run this script with AutoTask CPD at the same time, Farming Machine do not work:(

    Fakir Scriptwright

    I think the above point is correct. The wait for troops to return will help stop alerting captcha - one feature you might think of adding is to go to map then select send troops so it more clearly imitates a human.

    I just lost 25% of my troops when I was detected - :(

    Other than this the script is great!

    batalhadematos User

    Hi blackblood,
    It will be also important if you can change the script to let the FarmingMachine work from any travian page and not just from the rally point.
    Ask you that because if we have other scripts running the farming will stop.
    Ie.: Have the script to check for farming at specific periods of time (send them if needed), and then get back to the main page...

    Kongolan Scriptwright

    Hi, i have some problems on the german T4!
    I can see the farmlist on the rally point but i have some issues to add new farm on the map.
    I think the problem is, that the informations of a player pops now up in the map window and hasn't a specific link.
    I only use this Farm Script nothing else.
    Is there a way to use the script? Maybe to add the farming datas in a other way...

    Kongolan Scriptwright

    *push* it's important

    vlad_kr User

    still waiting v.2 :) every 5 sec reloading of rally-point page is detectable.
    Can script auto-calculate distance and time to target and repeat sending troops after return and after +5 + 25 min of waiting?

    TheAngel User

    aaaaaaaa :) keep up the good work, try to make it faast ^^

    mansor791 User

    plz be quick :(

    RTravian User

    finallyyyy ... please make it quick

    derandruuu User

    are you still working at v2?

    coA User

    There is one bug on map when I active that script, look:

    Why that shows? And also, can't add farms :(( I don't know how to do it?

    coA User

    Is that script working on t4 versions?