Google Reader Filter Per Feed/Folder

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Can we mark filtered entires read?

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András Korn User


it'd be great if this script could actually mark all the entries it filters as read. Any chance of that? In fact, I don't even necessarily want them hidden, just auto-skipped and marked as read.

Otherwise, great, I've been looking for something like this for a while now.

PyroPrints Script's Author

Sorry the response took a while. I will put this on the to do list.

Brierley User

I know I'm late to this, but I would also like this feature. :)

Great script!

PyroPrints Script's Author

Thanks. I'll definitely try, but it's a kinda of complicated to do. I am still working on it though as it's a feature I want as well.

macscripter User

I have no idea how this script or Google Reader work, so this is probably impossible, but just to throw this out there:
Would it be possible to have the 'excluded' items automatically put into a folder? The folder's items would then be marked as read--either manually, by the user, or automatically by the script.
I'm not even sure if there's any (unofficial) way to create a folder with just items and not actual feeds, though.

One other alternative (again, probably doesn't work) might be to hide the items that are /not/ excluded and then mark all as read. It could then unhide the non-excluded items. This sequence would probably be activated manually to avoid confusion. I'm not sure how your script hides items, but if GR only marks the visible items items as read, then that might work.

Again, I don't know anything about this stuff, so try not to laugh too hard ;)

Thanks for your hard work!

PyroPrints Script's Author

Unfortunately those 2 approaches won't work ... but it did give me an idea about how I can do this using the list view. I'm going to see if it's possible (when I get a chance of course =c)

Jafin User

+1 for this feature!. Would be awesome to have in list view.

Crend King Scriptwright

You can probably simulate a mouse click event on those entries, or use API on them. See my scripts for mouse click and Google Reader: Mark some as read for API usage.

PyroPrints Script's Author

Thanks =c) I'm gonna check it out when i have time.

Michiel Helv... User

+1! No one's mentioned the following motivation, so I will: I'm also reading my Google Reader feeds with the Android app, which is not filtered by this script. So just hiding the items is only delaying the distraction.