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Bug When Planet Name Long

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Neil Smithline Scriptwright

I had this happen on a moon. Suspect the same is true for planets.

My moon had a name that was on the long side (~15 characters). I was on the moon and viewed the Fleets page. The rezs in transit were displayed in the table but not summed to the planet's rezs on the final line.

Vess Script's Author

Probably because the game truncates the long name (replacing the rest with "...") differently in the flight destination and in the planet selector. So, from the point of view of the script, the names don't match and it thinks that the flight isn't flying to the moon/planet with the long name.

There is nothing I can do about this - complain to GameForge and tell them to program their game in a more consistent way. :D

ReKa User

your script could truncate all planet names to 15 characters. Then the truncated names will allways match.

There is only a problem if someone uses names which are longer than 15 chars and the first 15 chars are equal. But who does it?