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jtbutler User

I have greasemetal installed for google chrome and wonder how do I active the script. According to the extensions panel it is installed and running, but does not change the brower window to that funky background color like in firefox when the script is active.

Any suggestions. I would love to be able to use widemap on google chrome too.
I am a two browser player.

thanks in advance,


doyousketch2 Script's Author

I looked around for a few, and it seems that the Chrome version doesn't handle the commands @exclude and @require


I don't know how to remedy that at the moment. The @require line loads Jquery, and without that line the entire script wouldn't work... about 90% of the script is written in Jquery.


It could be re-written from scratch with plain JavaScript, but it was nearly impossible targeting all the elements that way. That's why I included Jquery in the first place.

Maybe there's a work-around, some code that Chrome could use instead.

This script looks like a good start. Perhaps the part about XMLHttpRequest may work in place of the @require - but I'm not sure.

It mentions a cross-domain limitation, so it would have to be tested out first.


From the GreaseMetal developer site:


The second comment basically says the same thing.


Dunno 'bout the @exclude command. You might just have to avoid other web pages with the word "kingdomsofcamelot" in the URL while you have Greasemetal running.


In that first link I posted, it reads out as if they closed the issue before it was resolved, so many people are having the same problem with Chrome.

I'll tink around with it for a few, and if I can conjure something up, I'll post it as a Chrome specific version here on userscripts for ya.