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p1nky User

Whenever I get a friend request, the Friend options in the new Facebook now are only two: confirm or not now. When I click not now, it will still be in the 'Request' section.
Could you possibly make that we can ignore that person from the button in the upper section of the page?
Thanks :)

temperror User

Facebook recently changed the Ignoring system to include more clicks to ignore someone. When you click 'Not Now' you're given a choice to either completely block the person('I do not know abcdef') from sending anymore requests or you can choose to hide it now and decide later. If you really want to delete the request, you can open the 'Friends' request page and click on 'Remove Request'.

This change actually prevents people you don't know from repeatedly trying to 'friend' you or if you can't decide yet to accept the person yet but hate the increasing number of requests appearing on your sidebar.

Vaughan Chan... Script's Author

Facebook is still rolling out this change and I haven't gotten it yet, but based on temperror's response I'm assuming that p1nky's request is no longer needed?